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Rodney Male
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“We received the name of Suttons Stairlifts by recommendations from a friend, and they were as our friend told us. Nothing was too much trouble for all the staff who attended and fitted the lift. We would highly recommend them, many thanks.”
Dawn Waterfield
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“Excellent service with friendly staff. Very user-friendly assessment and nothing was too much trouble. We highly recommend this company.”
C. Hayward
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“Absolutely delighted with this company. I broke my hip and whilst I was in hospital my daughter contacted Sutton Stairlifts. They came to the property, which has a longer-than-average staircase and advised us on the type of stairlift to suit my needs. They installed a refurbished stairlift promptly and efficiently. The engineers were knowledgeable, polite and reassuring.”
Julie Morey
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“A very prompt excellent service. Thank you, Max, for the speedy help in getting my elderly aunt’s stairlift working straight away. Many thanks. A1 company.”
Dom Russell
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“Sutton Stairlifts were extremely helpful and I would certainly recommend you give them a call. They offered great advice, and a number of options - without any hard sell, and went the extra mile to help us. They managed to attend to the site to install it within a couple of days of my initial call. Good, old-fashioned customer service.”

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Stairlifts Serviced & Installed in Shaftesbury SP7

The charming Dorset town of Shaftesbury is probably best known for its steep, cobbled street, Gold Hill, so quaintly picture-perfect it’s worthy of adorning a chocolate box. Even the most able-bodied of us would no doubt wish there was a stairlift available to help reach the top of Gold Hill with its incline of 16.09º, but it’s well worth the effort of climbing it for the panorama of the ancient town you can enjoy from the summit.

We can’t help you climb Gold Hill, but we are there to make life easier for anyone in Shaftesbury who has difficulty traversing the stairs in their home. We’re an independent, family run stairlift installation and servicing company who has been fitting and fixing stairlifts in Shaftesbury for years.

We can supply and fit new or refurbished stairlifts in Shaftesbury, or you can choose to rent a stairlift in Shaftesbury on a monthly basis. Either way, you can depend on our guarantees and first class after-installation customer care to make sure your stairlift never lets you down.

If you have age-related mobility problems, an injury or impairment, are recovering or recuperating from surgery or an illness, suffer from arthritis or for any other reason find it difficult to negotiate the stairs in your Shaftesbury house, a stairlift can give you back your independence.

A Range of Stairlifts Available in Shaftesbury

We have chosen to partner with Handicare – a well-known and well-respected brand of stairlifts which we offer in Shaftesbury – because of their affordability, quality and reliability.

The Handicare range starts from just £1,045 for a stairlift fully installed in Shaftesbury, and all the models come with customisation options and warranty cover. Our stairlifts are stylish, compact and tread-mounted so they don’t impact on the walls of the staircase when fitted.

We have stairlifts that can provide a smooth ride up and down indoor or outdoor staircases, curved or straight.

We also supply and fit refurbished stairlifts in Shaftesbury, and if you need a stairlift on a temporary basis we can install a rented stairlift from only £55 a month, including breakdown cover and an annual service.

If you would like to find out more about the stairlift options we have available for you in Shaftesbury please get in touch. We are happy to give you a no-obligation quotation for a stairlift in Shaftesbury with no pressurised sales tactics involved.

Stairlift Repairs in Shaftesbury

Although we have every confidence in the reliability of our stairlifts, no machine is infallible so there is always the possibility that your stairlift in Shaftesbury may malfunction, develop a fault or become damaged. That’s why we have a team of experienced, trained technicians ready to respond promptly and professionally should your stairlift stop working.

We can repair any make or model of stairlift in Shaftesbury, even if we did not install it ourselves. Our own stairlifts in Shaftesbury, whether new or refurbished, are covered by parts and labour warranties for 24 or 12 months respectively, and we’re on standby to honour these guarantees if it becomes necessary.

Usually, mechanical problems with stairlifts in Shaftesbury are quick to fix – in fact it often happens that we can identify and help you rectify the issue yourself with a telephone service call and a few basic checks.

Regular servicing of  your stairlift is one way of ensuring it stays in tip-top order – our engineers can pick up any potential problems before they cause a stairlift breakdown in Shaftesbury, and make sure all parts are in good order.

There’s no need to lose your independent living status in Shaftesbury and be cut-off from the upper floors of your home when you can no longer manage the stairs.

Just a call to Suttons Stairlifts on 01749 346 900 can change your life.

We’ll find a stairlift solution to suit you, whether you need mobility assistance for the short or long term.

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